Jehu Hand: Board Member

Jehu Hand is the member of numerous leadership boards throughout the business community. He is currently serving in a leadership position for eight different professional organizations that span across 15 different industries. Jehu Hand has extensive legal and leadership experience, and continues to provide each organization with the vision and the counsel needed to maintain a high-level of financial success in the global business community.


Jehu Hand understands how to protect the interests of both his clients and his companies. As the founder of the Jackson Corporate Trust Company Limited, an offshore services company based out of Antigua, Jehu Hand relies on decades of professional training, experience, knowhow and expertise to meet the needs of every client. He is trusted for high-quality legal advice and organizational leadership abilities, and has proven to be a useful and highly successful asset to numerous organizations during his extensive legal career.

For many years, Jehu Hand was known as the preeminent independent securities lawyers in the United States. He had served as counsel to international securities offerings even before the adoption of Regulation S, and was professional counsel on what was perhaps the first reverse merger with a Chinese company, or Chinatek, Inc., in 1993. Jehu Hand is also responsible for the novel “Form 10 Shell Company”, a concept that has been adopted by numerous practitioners within his field for many years. Hand is an innovate thinker and a devoted securities attorney, able to deliver effective and efficient solutions to a multitude of clients.

Jehu Hand received his initial legal education at the New York University School of Law. He received additional training at the Eugene Dupuch School of Law, located in Nassau, Bahamas. As an alum of the Eugene Dupuch School of Law, Jehu Hand had the opportunity to attend one of the three regional law schools that qualifies lawyers to practice in the British Caribbean. Jehu Hand is a highly experienced attorney in his area.

Jehu Hand: Offshore Services Provider

Jehu Hand has recently formed Jackson Corporate Trust Company Limited, which will soon be a licensed corporate trust provider based in Antigua. Jehu Hand is a highly-qualified corporate and securities attorney who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his clients.

Jehu Hand has extensive experience in the legal field. First admitted to practice law in Ohio in 1984, Jehu Hand has accumulated decades of invaluable experience, and is able to offer his clients with high-quality services and representation which are unmatched by other professionals in his field. Quickly becoming one of the best independent securities attorneys in the United States, Jehu Hand has quickly risen to the top of his field, and promises to continue his legacy of quality client-focused services for many years into the future.


Jehu Hand received his Juris Doctorate from the New York University School of Law in 1984. His legal career began in earnest as an associate for the predecessor of the Schwartz, Campbell & Hand firm in July of 1986, a firm he later became a Partner of in January of 1990. Jehu Hand than became a shareholder of the McKittrick, Jackson, DeMarco &PeckenPaugh Law Corporation in January of 1991. Hand spent over a year with the firm, which at the time was the 5th largest firm in Orange County, California. Jehu Hand then became the Vice President, Corporate Counsel and Secretary of Biolase Technology in January of 1992. Biolase Technology designs, manufactures and markets high-quality dental lasers. From the months of January to October of 1992, Jehu Hand was Of Counsel to the Law Firm of Lewis, D’Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard.